About Us


Art- Serve is a Singapore based Customized Gifts Printer, since 1998

We supply a wide range of print products, namely

printing of your own T shirt , Class Tee , Company Tee etc

Printing of Photo or Images on mugs, puzzles, cushions, micro tees, crystal, rock , etc.

We also do customize Button Badges, Keychains, with your preferred designs for single pieces or bulk orders.

Art-serve has always takes pride in its ability to produce high quality printed deliverable, which includes designing services. Our list of satisfied customers includes many companies, and local schools.

One of the reason why we are popular among our clients, is we provide free designing services, that  gives our customers great flexibility and best outcome, to all of the products, without having to fret, and also our reliabilityto meet tight deadlines, and produce quality artwork for our customers.